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Can you relate?


  • You know there is an easier way but aren't sure how to do it

  • You have repetitive tasks that could be automated

  • You have data to be analyzed or presented in a meaningful way

  • You don't have in-house MS Excel expertise

  • You want to save time and money

If you answered "yes" to any of these, read on!


I offer custom solutions to small businesses that do not have in-house MS Excel expertise.  With 30+ years experience in designing, creating and automating spreadsheets, I can save you time and money.  


I love both the creative and analytical challenges that spreadsheet design and tool creation bring but most of all I love the joy I get out of helping simplify other people's lives and making business better.

Example Applications
  • Risk Management tools (Mark-to-Market)

  • Contract optimization tools

  • KPI or metric tracking tools

  • Financial portfolios, risk profiles

  • Annual summary reporting

  • Sales estimating & Quoting tools

  • Pricing & Costing models

  • Customized Business Tools

  • Data Analysis/Transformation

  • Process Automation (VBA)

  • Form Creation (data collection)

  • Graphs & Data Visualization

  • Pivot Tables

  • Dashboards & Scorecards

  • Start from scratch or improve existing tools

  • Ongoing help & support

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