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Ready to Excelerate your Business?

It's time to ditch inefficient manual processes that lead to errors, frustration and wasted time! I offer the following services and solutions.

Automation from your laptop or tablet.


Accuracy: No more fat finger mistakes or poor formula structures leading to unreliable information

Time Savings: "Click of a button” solutions pull data together within minutes vs. hours

KPI Dashboards

Streamlined Reporting: Easy compilation of data from various sources and new data added seamlessly

Empowered Analysis: Turn data into information. Unlock insights, discover trends and make data-driven decisions with ease

Example of Interactive KPI Dashboard
Example of customized quote book for general contractor


One size does NOT fit all: Your business is unique and your solution should be too! Stop paying for out of the box apps that don't serve your needs.

Outsourced Expertise

Cost Efficiency: Benefit from advanced Excel expertise without the financial burden of maintaining a full-time, in-house Excel specialist. 

Business Background: Over 30 years corporate experience in the Natural Gas Industry. I can speak your language!

Stefanie Carroll Excel Expert Business Automation
"Has saved our team hundreds of hours of time"

Many successful businesses don’t have the time, resources or knowledgeable staff to execute the ‘big idea’ workflow projects – Stef was that consultant for us over the last few years. More specifically, she was able to help us automate a number of our manual tasks and processes with her in depth knowledge of Excel and Word coding.  She is an Excel wizard! This has saved our team hundreds of hours of time during our day to day activities. She is very responsive and fun to work with.

I would highly recommend Stef and her services to any business owner!

Jeremy Racicot, CFP

Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, The Bay West Group Inc.

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