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What Excelerated Businesses Have to Say

Has saved our team hundreds of hours of time

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Many successful businesses don’t have the time, resources or knowledgeable staff to execute the ‘big idea’ workflow projects – Stef was that consultant for us over the last few years. More specifically, she was able to help us automate a number of our manual tasks and processes with her in depth knowledge of Excel and Word coding.  She is an Excel wizard! This has saved our team hundreds of hours of time during our day to day activities. She is very responsive and fun to work with.

I would highly recommend Stef and her services to any business owner!

Jeremy Racicot, CFP

Investment Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, The Bay West Group Inc.

Prompt and professional

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Stef was a great help in solving our spreadsheet needs. Prompt and professional. We continue to use her expertise.

Randy Belcot, Reiser (Canada) Ltd

Stefanie is thorough and knowledgeable

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Stefanie and Excelerates has helped me streamline my processes for clients, including developing a management system to track health and safety metrics for my clients. Stefanie is thorough and knowledgeable which ensures that the work provided is exactly what I am looking for. I have brought Stefanie on to work on some long-term projects. I highly recommend Stefanie with Excelerates Spreadsheet Solutions to help you automate your excel tasks.

Doug Sooley, Sooley's Safety Services

Her expertise ... is making my life easier

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It was an absolute pleasure working with Stefanie! She is so knowledgeable and efficient. Her expertise with Excel is definitely making my life easier, as I'm now saving time with my day-to-day job.

Manon Pare, Project Manager at Pizzale Design Inc.

Very easy to use... tailored to exact needs

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I have used Stef's spreadsheets for my own small business.  They were very easy to use and she tailored them to my exact needs.  She is always available to answer any questions I have and I will definitely be calling on her again at tax time!

Sarah Andrews, a Grateful Mama - doTERRA Essential Oils

Can make Excel do things I didn't even know were possible

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Stef is wonderful to work with. Not only is she kind, smart and funny, she can make Excel do things I didn't even know were possible. Stef has a unique ability to understand what you need and delivers professional solutions and tools that are effective, efficient and look great. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stef!

Victoria Turner Shoemaker, MBA, Business Leader

Save valuable time and improve my accuracy.

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Stefanie is so knowledgeable and wonderful to work with - after a discussion of a spreadsheet challenge I’m facing, she’s quickly able to provide improvements to save valuable time and improve my accuracy!

Sandra Brzenzinski, BKZ Shading & Decor Solutions

Very creative in her solutions.

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"Stefanie is extremely organized and very creative in her solutions. She understands that each client is different, and while the general idea may be similar, she has the ability to provide nuanced final products for each individual or company she is working with. Not to mention she has the most amazing personality! Highly recommended you reach out to her if you haven't yet!"

Jessie Sipione, FDH Lawyers LLP

I cannot recommend her services enough.  She deserves ten stars!!!
(out of Google 5)

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I needed an excel tracker and dashboard to monitor the invoices I sent to clients. I was looking to have an excel spreadsheet created that would allow me to see a central dashboard with outstanding payments, total payments, and a monthly breakdown of my income. Stefanie was able to meet with me, take down all the key points I needed and assemble it into a beautifully formulated spreadsheet I can use for years to come! Stefanie was kind, asked all the right questions, and guided me with support and experience. I was amazed at her quick turnaround and great breakdown points on using the document appropriately. From this one experience, I know I will be coming back to her time and time again for all my excel needs. I cannot recommend her services enough. She deserves ten stars!!!

Shelby Joines, Virtual Assistant, Joines Administration

Stefanie was able to increase the utility of the worksheets... and reduce manual tasks I was doing

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I recently engaged Stefanie to assist with some sales tracking worksheets for our company. It's one thing to recognize that you don't have the skills or desire to do it yourself but it is also beneficial discussing your business requirements with a third party to get fresh eyes on the workflow and processes. Our project was relatively small but Stefanie was able to increase the utility of the worksheets, code in some logic to add visual reference points and reduce manual tasks I was doing previously. Thanks Stefanie!

Brent Stevens, Global Citizen Apparel

Put your vision to life... or should I say into Excel

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Let Stef know what you are thinking and she will make it happen.  She can take your vision and put it to work for you.  Stef has a unique ability to understand what clients need and transform it into unique tools in Excel that will help run your business more effectively and efficiently.  She absolutely loves the challenge of building spreadsheets and tools.  Can't say enough about her work - plus she's a pleasure to work with.

Sherri-Ann Dang, Controller

Too bad the stars only go up to 5!

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Google review

Scott Cordier, IBCanada Group

Save your team a lot of time and ... focus on more valuable tasks

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Stefanie can turn your sales data, operational data, and any other set of data into easy to read dashboards. Your team will have current information at their fingerprints they can action on. Plus she can create automations and tools that will save your team a lot of time and allow them focus on more valuable tasks.

Maggie Perotin, Stairway to Leadership

Who knew it could actually simplify my time and organization

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Stef takes Excel to a whole new level - who knew that it could actually simplify my time and organization with a few special "Stef touches".  Highly recommend anyone who uses Excel regularly to chat with Stef and see how powerful a tool it actually is.

Far Samji, Smashing Golf

Spreadsheeting guru!

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"Spreadsheeting guru! The project she held me out with is still working flawlessly months later"

Geoff D'Arcy, Cell Phone Repair

She can manipulate Excel to look and work like 3rd party software

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I have had the pleasure to work with Stef on a couple projects. The way she can manipulate Excel to look to and work like 3rd party software is almost surreal. Excel is an extremely powerful tool if you have someone like Stef and Excelerates behind the wheel. Highly recommended.

Michael Land, J & M Construction Services

Highly recommended... a true professional.

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I was referred to Stefanie when I was working on a project and hit a wall. She was highly recommended and I found out why. After a short conversation she was able to offer the exact solution that I needed. A true professional who I will surely be calling on again in the future. Thanks again Stefanie!

Kelly Beausejour, Virtual Assistant

Saving us hours every month ... and reducing room for error

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Stefanie helped us take several manual reporting processes and pair them down into a few quick automations, saving us hours every month in Excel monotony and reducing room for error. Above all, she is a pleasure to work with and I'd recommend her to anyone looking to improve and simplify their reporting.

Chris Pickard, Bateman MacKay CPAs and Business Advisors

Saves me hours of work

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I worked with Stef on a project for my business.  She is extremely professional and easy to work with.  The spreadsheet she created saves me hours of work in the office each week.  Highly recommended.

Michael Land, J & M Construction Services

I no longer worry about updating my formulas manually and everything is so easy

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I had a very old spreadsheet going back to 1988 to track some stats around various card games we are still playing today with friends. It also shows the financial deposits, spending, and investments of our group. I asked Stef to update it and make it more user friendly using more recent Excel functionality I’m not as familiar with. She not only improved the functionality of the report but also made it look very professional and fun and added a fun dashboard with charts to highlight various stats around games and wins by person. I also had a clean up task I had to do with the spreadsheet every so often, but Stef created a button for me to click so I no longer had to do that task manually. Our whole group loves this new reporting tool we have for our regular game nights. I no longer must worry about updating my formulas manually and everything is so easy making our game nights even more fun and my record keeping a breeze! Thank you!

Hans Goettsche

Unleash the true power.

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I was blown away with Stefanie's Excel abilities and knowledge! I could never figure out all of this functionality myself and unleash the true power.

Brent Stevens, Branded by Brent

Highly recommended!

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"Stefanie's knowledge and understanding client's problems will save them time and money while she is effortlessly bringing them solutions! Highly recommended!"

Csilla Adkins, Zoom Mortgage

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