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Tis the season: Stress, Treats and the Path to Balance

It’s that time of year!  Christmas gets me overwhelmed every year because I like to do ALL.THE.THINGS. Plus, my kids conveniently have their birthdays this time of year.

I created this little chart for a storytelling group and, being an Excel geek, it’s how I chose to tell a story about December. 😊 This year, the red line is hitting home for me!  Usually, I’m on top of shopping and planning, but thanks to a fantastic end to my first solopreneur adventure/year, I’m struggling to find the time for baking, card writing and shopping.


Luckily, my business coach is helping me decipher the messages my brain is sending and find a calmer perspective. Who else can relate to any of these lines? What's your December story? Do you have a line I should add to this chart?

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