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Success Story: Saving a client 10-12 hours per quote!

Updated: Mar 26

When you are running a successful business, every hour counts. Recently, one of my clients revealed to me a big surprise: my custom-built quoting tool had saved them an astonishing 10-12 hours in the process of putting together some of their detailed quotes. For my client, a general contractor, time is a precious commodity, and this efficiency not only allows them to focus more on running their business but also opens opportunities to expand their client base and quote more potential clients. I’ll admit, the impact of this tool far exceeded my initial expectations because I thought they saved 2-4 hours per quote!

How did we accomplish this?

Firstly, I developed a sophisticated quote tool that centralizes detailed pricing information in a back-end table, ensuring accuracy and ease of access. Rather than manually crunching numbers and flipping through sheets or binders, my client now only updates prices when they change and then does not worry about it again until the next price change.

Because they often work on multiple rooms they can select or define multiple rooms using a predefined pull-down list or custom inputs. Once the rooms are defined, the tool generates a named tab for each, facilitating organized and systematic input of measurements and required services. Utilizing a stylus on a tablet, my client can effortlessly select services from a comprehensive list, with checkboxes enabling quick and precise choices.

Excel custom reports and Dashboards Hamilton

For each selected service, a cascade of options and categories unfolds, allowing for detailed customization and fine-tuning of the quote. Whether it's selecting different types of flooring or cabinetry or drilling down into specific subcategories (such as type of flooring and installation technique), the tool allows my client to capture every aspect of the project with precision and clarity.

Success Story: Saving a client 10-12 hours per quote!

Once all the rooms are defined a quote sheet is automatically generated with detailed line items and subtotals by room giving a comprehensive overview of the project and instilling confidence in the client because every detail is laid out clearly and transparently.  The quote sheet generated by the tool is not just functional but also professionally branded with the client's logo, fonts, and colours, enhancing their brand identity, and leaving a great impression on potential customers.

sample quote automation for custom orders

One of the key features of the tool is its flexibility. Changes, additions, or deletions to the quote are easily accommodated, with updates reflected instantly in the quote – no more manual recalculations! This ensures that my client can adapt to evolving project requirements maintaining efficiency at every stage of the quoting process.

In essence, the custom quoting tool has streamlined a previously painstaking process, enabling them to save time, enhance accuracy, and ultimately, grow their business. Now they can focus more time on what matters most: delivering exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations.

In any competitive industry, efficiency is paramount and investing in tools that drive productivity and innovation is not just a luxury but a necessity. Helping my clients “Excelerate” their business brings me great joy.

If you are curious about how I can help you “Excelerate” your business, please reach out. I’m always happy to chat and explore possibilities at no cost to you.



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