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BNI Gains Profile

Stefanie Carroll

BNI Business Exchange - Oakville Ontario

Spreadsheet Designer & Visitor Host Coordinator


  • Traveling the world with my husband while working my business on the road.

  • "WOWing" my clients

  • Add value to my BNI network by getting quality leads & referrals to the team members.

  • Helping 10 clients every month to Excelerate their business

  • Attend 3 other BNI chapters each month and have a minimum of two 121s from each chapter visit


  • Graduated top 5% of my class from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce

  • Developed reputation in the natural gas industry as being a spreadsheet guru taking things above and beyond in my job using spreadsheets as tools to save time and provide better information 

  • Placed first in a Triathlon for my age group and have successfully completed an Olympic distance triathlon

  • Being "mom". I've raised 3 kids, 2 of which are fully independent and amazing, hard working adults. The 3rd is a teenager and still at home.

  • Celebrating 19 year anniversary (20 years together) with my husband Dave, a retired High School Teacher.

  • Quitting my 31 year career in the Natural Gas industry to launch my own spreadsheet design and consulting business


  • Chocolate and baking with chocolate 

  • Hiking with my friends, family and Goldendoodle

  • Learning languages.  Fluent in German (my first language as a child), working knowledge in French and now learning Spanish

  • Travelling with my husband Dave. I'd rather be a traveller than a tourist and if the destination has mountains and/or water I'm happiest.

  • Experiencing new cultures and practicing my languages

  • Playing board games with my kids, extended family and friends

  • Epicure side-gig because I love food - especially when it's easy, quick, delicious and healthier.


  • BNI Business Exchange

  • Burlington Chamber of Commerce

  • Waterdown Wonder Women

  • Business Growth Roundtable

  • Let's Build Together

  • LinkedIn

  • Alignable


  • Over 30 years of spreadsheet creation and design experience

  • Advanced MS Excel skills

  • VBA (coding language that automates things in Excel)

  • Power Query (powerful data transformation and preparation tool which allows users to extract, transform and load data from various sources into Excel)

  • Connecting business to Excel.  My career has encompassed various business roles where Excel was a tool that allowed me to bridge the gap between technical and business aspects. I can speak the language of business.

  • Ability to eat a lot of chocolate without getting sick

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