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Hi, I'm Stefanie.  I have been working with spreadsheets for over 30 years - primarily in the natural gas industry where I've developed a reputation of being "The Excel Guru" in my workplaces and industry.

I love helping business owners solve their unique challenges.  I give the gift of precious time by organizing data into information and simplifying or automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

In addition to my love for spreadsheets, I'm also a mom of 3, a dog owner and chocoholic.  If it doesn't have chocolate, it's not calorie worthy!


I'm very personable and easy to work with.  Two of the things that give me joy are to help people and to solve problems.  

My initial consultation and estimate are at no charge.  I strive to be as responsive as possible to meet your needs.  Once a project is completed I will be available to answer any questions or provide any training required.  I won't leave you hanging!

Because no two businesses or owners are the same, I can offer you solutions that are customized to your needs.  My experience is in building tools from scratch (I love the creative side of this!) but I can also improve existing tools you have.

My expertise is not limited to Excel.  I can also work with Word and other MS applications, graphic design in Canva, depending on your needs.  

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